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Chelsea Want To Move FA Cup Semifinal, But FA To Say "Too Bad"

Shut up
Shut up

Chelsea are so super focused on the Champions League that they want to move their FA Cup semifinal against Tottenham up a day to help them in the Champions League semifinals. The FA Cup match is currently scheduled for the Saturday before their Tuesday Champions League match (which they haven't actually qualified for yet) and they think that they deserve extra rest, so they want to play the match on Friday instead. But the FA is ready to say, "too bad, deal with it."

The FA has no plans to change the date of the match. The semifinals are played on Saturday and Sunday every year and that's not changing just for Chelsea. You'll notice they wouldn't dare ask UEFA to let them play on Wednesday instead. And even if the FA was receptive to the change, the police don't want to deal with a match at Wembley on a Friday so it's not happening anyways.

"I feel we should get more help from the FA over fixtures," Roberto Di Matteo said. "Absolutely we need it because it doesn't help English teams in the Champions League.

"Benfica played Friday night before our game, so did Napoli before both matches in the last round. Their leagues try to give them a lot of help and the best possible advantage. We are engaged on this matter but, ultimately, someone has to make the decision."

Blah, blah, blah, play the match.

If they weren't playing Spurs I either wouldn't care or would only be supportive if they played someone detestable in the Champions League. They're not so they should shut up.