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Bringing down the hammer on borderline sexism

The majority of the commenters at Cartilage Free Captain, from what I can tell, are heterosexual males. Unfortunately, a lot of the heterosexual males who comment regularly at this site are unable to keep the discussion on Tottenham Hotspur, and instead regularly turn comment threads into discussions about what women they find attractive or unattractive.

I have tried to be very nice about this. I have asked people to stop without deleting comments, warning, or banning everyone. No one listened to me, so I have amended the community agreement.

"Everyone has seemed to understand what constitutes racism and homophobia without a problem, but sexism seems to be a bit tougher for everyone to draw the line on. This is a site for everyone and we want to create an environment where, unlike the majority of sports websites on the internet, community discussion is not geared exclusively towards straight males and their interests. This is a site about Tottenham Hotspur, and there's no reason for you to post pictures of half-naked women or have conversations in the comments about women you find attractive. It's irrelevant to the site. Please don't do this."

Because this was not in the membership agreement previously, everyone has a clean slate starting right now. The first time someone posts a suggestive picture or makes a comment that I or any moderator deems to be sexist in nature, they will be asked to stop. If you do it more than once, we reserve the right to ban you. I'm really sorry that I had to spell this out, but you guys just couldn't take the hint.