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Playing The Numbers Game: What Do Spurs Need To Do To Finish Third, Fourth

Yes, Harry. One plus one is two.
Yes, Harry. One plus one is two.

There are eight matches left to play and Tottenham Hotspur are eying one of two place in the league. There is third place (please, please, pretty please) and fourth place (that'll do).

The best way to figure out what Spurs need to do to finish in each place is with math. Thankfully, this is simple math so I can still do it.

  • Chelsea - The Blues are on 50 points through 30 matches, giving them an average of 1.67 points per match. If they keep that pace up, they will finish on 63 or 64 points. With Spurs on 55 points, it will take a maximum of 10 points to finish ahead of Chelsea.
  • Newcastle - If you could believe it, Newcastle are even with Chelsea. That means they are also on pace for 63 or 64 points and a maximum of 10 points are necessary to beat out the Magpies (and the Blues) to secure at least fourth place.
  • Arsenal - This one is a little tougher because the Gunners have been playing their best of late so an 30-match average isn't the most applicable, but we can give it a go. Arsenal are on 58 points and taking 1.93 points per match, which puts them on pace for 73 or 74 points. That means Spurs need to find a way to a maximum of 20 points to pass up the Gunners.

With no matches against top seven teams remaining, for Spurs to stay ahead of Chelsea or even pass Arsenal is very realistic. Home matches against Swansea, Norwich, Blackburn and Fulham are great opportunities to grab three points and away matches against Queens Park Rangers and Aston Villa could also be chances to grab a point, if not three. The key match might be next week at Sunderland, though. If Spurs can somehow manage a win at the Stadium of Light then a real run for third place is on deck.