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Another Obstacle Between Tottenham Hotspur and Their New Stadium Falls

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There was only one business left standing in the way of Tottenham Hotspur's proposed £400 million stadium redevelopment. Last week, however, the Haringey Council agreed to buy the land belonging to Archway Sheet Metal Works, allowing Spurs to go forward with their plans for a new 56,000 seat stadium.

The sheet metal company was the only business in the redevelopment area that had yet to handover its land to the club as part of the Northumberland Development Project.

The Haringey Council also voted to handover council-owned land in the redevelopment area to Tottenham Hotspur. Under the plans, a proportion of the Wingate Trading Estate, in High Road, owned by the council, will also be transferred to the club. In addition, Spurs will also gain ownership of Paxton Road and Bill Nicholson Way.

Things seem to be moving along slowly but surely for Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium. With the investment from the Haringey Council and the City of London it seems more and more certain than ground may actually be broken on this new stadium in the next year or so.