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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 30, 2012

That is a lot of rain
That is a lot of rain

Happy Friday Spursland! We have ahead of us one of the biggest of weekends. Spurs play that Welsh team everyone seems to have a crush on. For us Americans we have 71 games available on TV. And for those of us who still live in a world where Hulk Hogan can still body slam Andre The Giant, it is Wrestlemania weekend (full coverage from our friends at Cageside Seats). But as for today, I am happy to announce that if you can count the number of professional wrestling references in this article, you will win 100,000 internetz. I'd like to offer more but that's all the room we have in the budget.

And now he "news"

Caulker Wants First Team Football At Spurs-Sky Sports

I am all for the Heart Break Kid, as Ryan Rosenblatt allegedly calls him, coming back and getting first team football. I just hate when players put this kind of veiled threat out through the media. What is he going to say next, that he lost his smile so he can't play?

If Harry Leaves Spurs May Look To Rodgers-Examiner

As always when the top talent leaves you look to the mid card guys to step into he spotlight, or you can always sign someone from Ring of Honor.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Colin Clark And The Pursuit Of False Equivalency-SB Nation Soccer

That's what you get when you do Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaizri?

Santos Laguna Manager Unilaterally Merges The Us And Canada-SB Nation Soccer

I know present to you the pro wrestling equivalent of the Santos manager's statement, it's also shockingly bad.

VIDEO:Philip Lahm With A Stealer Tackle-Bavarian Football Works

So apparently when the band Downstrait saw this tackle they were so inspired they wrote this.

Dear Barca, Please Stop Stealing Our Players-We Ain't Got No history

What are Chelsea going to do when David Luiz just shows up on Monday night unannounced at the Nou Camp and interrupts a match to cut a promo alluding to john Terry also coming to Barca?

To those of you who are not now and have never been a pro wrestling fan and didn't get any of this, sorry, I will return to dick and fart jokes Monday.

PS: which is more painful, being a Philly Union fan watching Peter Nowak implode, or watching Mick Foley work?