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Tottenham Hotspur To Face Liverpool In Ballmer

Hey there, Maryland and Maryland-area residents. Remember when you were mad that Tottenham Hotspur were playing in New York and Los Angeles, but not Baltimore as previously rumored? Well, you were being impatient little snots! Tottenham are playing in Baltimore after all, and they will be playing LOLverpool.

On Saturday, July 28 at M&T Bank Stadium in Ballmer, Maryland, our beloved Spurs take on Liverpool FC. This is the third pre-season game that the team has announced, joining those aforementioned matches in LA and New York, where they will play the LA Galaxy and New York Red Bulls.

This is significantly closer to me than New York is, which is all that's important, really. I am the center of the universe, so thanks, Spurs, for putting a game close to me. Here's the whole preseason schedule, so far.

July 24 - LA Galaxy (Home Depot Center)
July 28 - Liverpool (M&T Bank Stadium)
July 31 - New York Red Bulls (Red Bull Arena)