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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For March 6, 2012

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I here they have loser rules about what constitutes "paying your taxes" in Russia.
I here they have loser rules about what constitutes "paying your taxes" in Russia.

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! Today, my friends, is a joyous day. Today we come together to banish the dark clouds that we have allowed to hang over us since Sunday and we do so today with the most powerful weapon that broadcast television has to offer. No, Brian Wiliams is not making a cameo on the site today. Believe it or not, there is a level of shameless self-promotion that that guy will not sink to and the line is apparently drawn at answering any of my letters. So I went out and found something better, a more powerful tool to shake things up around here. Feel free to thank me later.

And now the "news"

Vertonghen Won't Sign New Ajax Deal- Sky Sports

Oh, pretty please, Dan Levy, please. This is all I want for a back to school gift this August. I don't really give a shit about Leandro anymore, I just want this. If you can't get it by August then I'll accept it for Christmas and if you need someone to teach you about Christmas, I can teach you, and your fellow classmates will be enthusiastic.

Avram Grant Thinks Redknapp Would Be Great At Chelsea- TV 3

I say shut up and go back into your whorehouse you douche bag. I happen to have video of what my reaction to this actually happening would be. Don't go there, Harry.

Spurs In Crisis Meltdown, Demonstration planned- Dear Mr Levy

The man makes a point, If you want to know what it is then I suggest you clickety click that link. Are you catching on to the theme yet?

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

MLS Team Previews- SB Nation Soccer

No, like all of your team previews can be found at this link. Just come back each day this week to find new ones each day. We are getting formidable with you.

Why Arsenal Shouldn't Play The First Team Against Milan- The Short Fuse

I'd like to really discourage Arsenal from doing this, mostly because I hate them, but partially because of this. Yeah, I know that doesn't make any sense, but that isn't really bothering you at all and you know it.

What AVB Meant To Me- We Ain't Got No History

It's touching and a lot like the 3,500 word essay that Bryan Ashlock wrote me about this while allegedly high on bath salts two nights ago. That guy has just let himself go since he left.