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Swansea Rule Out Attempting To Sign Steven Caulker On Account Of Awesomeness

Steven won't be wearing a Swansea shirt next season
Steven won't be wearing a Swansea shirt next season

How do you know you're super awesome? When a Premier League club rules out even trying to sign you because you are too awesome for them.

Steve Caulker has has a very good season for surprising Swansea, but their manager, Brendan Rodgers, says that bringing him back to the Liberty Stadium next year just isn't realistic. He has played too well and is too talented for the Swans for even having a shot at having him around after the season.

"Steven is going to be a top player. He is only 20 years of age, but he's been a dominant player for us, brilliant all season," Rodgers said. "He's still got a lot to learn and improve on in his career, but he is a wonderful talent for his age and he has a great future ahead of him. But as for signing him, I think Tottenham have got a big future planned for him there so I don't think they'll be selling him."

No matter what is written about a possible Caulker sale, don't believe it. He's going to be returning to Spurs in the summer, but not until after the Olympics, assuming he makes the Great Britain team. Strong play in the Olympics will only raise expectations for the young central defender and put him further out of the reach of clubs trying to poach the Spurs Academy product.

Much in the same way that Tottenham need to buy a younger central defender this summer to help make their defense younger, the club also needs Caulker to return and begin to work his way into the team. That doesn't mean he starts 30 matches next season or becomes a pillar at the back, but he needs to begin playing semi-regularly for Spurs and training regularly with the team. He's just too awesome not to. If you don't believe me, ask Brendan Rodgers.