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Enough With The Rumors: Harry Redknapp Not Offered New Contract, Big Transfer Budget


Harry Redknapp is getting a new contract! He's not getting a new contract. But he might get a new contract! He's also getting a big transfer budget, except he might not be getting a big transfer budget. This is a lot of fun.

"That's not the case," Redknapp said when asked about whether he's been offered a new contract, as has been reported.

"I speak to Daniel [Levy] every day and he wants me to stay at the club, which is fantastic, but at the moment he has not made me an offer of a contract, no, and I haven't pushed for one either. We have not discussed how much money that is there to spend either. That has never come up in conversation at all."

So what we now know is exactly what we knew yesterday -- nothing. Make it end and make it end now. The papers need to stop making up rumors so we think there might be a new contract or a big transfer budget or whatever. It's tiresome. Please, just stop. The only thing more annoying than the made up stories of Harry to England is the made up stories of Harry staying at Tottenham.