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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 33: Who is Gary Rootbeer?

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Fresh friday pod coming at you guys, with Kevin and Mechanick in full effect. We have a full rematch of Tottenham Hotspur's 3-1 victory over Stevenage in the FA Cup. How good is Jermain Defoe right now? We look at Bale balling out (and drawing penalties), Nelsen's error, and some defensive fluency. We also go through the injuries, and just how badly Michael Dawson's season-ending injury hurts Tottenham.

We're on to a quality mailbag, where we break down tactics, the Basque Country, and more. We end out on a through preview of Saturday's Everton match. We look at how Tottenham should set up to break down the Toffees. We also get some chat on dealing with Baines, and figure out just what to do with our Cousin Niko. Enjoy!

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