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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 10, 2012

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We are Spurs. A saying that grew from the knowledge and reality that this team, this fan base, our collective identity was to be the sporting version of Icarus. And for a long period of time from when I began to support the team several years ago, this was how we viewed the team, this was how we self identified. As if we all knew that there was something special, maybe even damaged about a person who supported this team, at least those of us not from North London. And I admit that I kind of liked that.

And then Bale became a legend and Danny Rose hit the volley and Crouch banged in that header and we changed, seemingly overnight. There have been debates that were so pointless in retrospect, and often at the time, "Are we a big club"? We drew in some better players, drew interest from young can't miss superstars who now included us in their list of teams they would flirt with like the hot cheerleader who flirts with all the football players until she finds the most prime deal. But we were the guys the Cheerleader flirted with to get the 5 star prospect quarterback to get jealous and to pick her up. The Leandro's and Hazard's were never coming to Spurs, and we were fools to believe it.

My point, poorly made I am sure, is that this is not who we are. You know that, at least somewhere inside you, and I know that. I was really pissed yesterday, go check the live thread. I was looking for somebody to blame, somebody to yell at. And there is blame to go around, the players looked like they couldn't care less many of them. Many of them looked like they should never be allowed to play a competitive game again and HARRY IS running this team into the ground. But I can't help but blame myself. We as fans should have seen this coming, and this collapse should not be hitting so very many of us so hard.

We are Spurs.

And now the misery

Harry Redknapp Appears For the First Time In Weeks To Have A Clue-Sky Sports

"It will be tough to finish 3rd". As I try to not completely blow my stack at this quote it is at least an improvement, a move toward appearing to know what is going on as compared to other recent quotes. Don't get me wrong, I know part of the managerial duties are to do some positive media spin and that there are very few things that matter in terms of how a team plays than the quotes the gaffer feeds to the papers. That said, acting like you are at least aware of your surroundings is a nice touch, especially for a guy who is often presented to fans as not necessarily the most in touch with current events. Oh yeah, one last thing, Harry seems to think that 3rd place will go to the team that wants it the most. After that display yesterday I think it is clear that we are in no danger of wanting it more than our competitors.

Crouch Wants Harry For England-BBC

Of course he does! Why wouldn't he? Harry in charge of England means that Crouch is a lock to get called up for every game in the next 5 years. Look at the history, Harry is really a big fan of changing jobs and immediately bringing in Three Meter Peter.

Norwich Mock Spurs Pretensions-The Independent

Brevity is the soul of wit said some plagiarist of a playwright, but it is defiantly true and the Independent's headline is the best example of that in respect to yesterday's game.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

UFC President Dana White Accepts Jimmy Conrad's Soccer Challenge-SB Nation Soccer

Dana white is, by his own mother's admission a despicable person, also Loretta Hunt may also not have nice things to say about him. But he does a pretty good job of walking back his statements when they reach absurdity level 11 while never admitting he was wrong. He also will bend over backwards to satisfy his fans. This will be awesome.

VIDEO: Barcelona B Side Does Bad Impression of 2010 Spurs-Barca Blaugranes

Knock off Danny Rose. This happening is just pointing out the glory that we had way back when (ok not way back but you get the point) compared to the passion we saw displayed yesterday.

Kenny Cooper And Henry Fuel Red Bull Attack-SB Nation Soccer

Henry is still a success? Are you guys catching on to the unintentional theme for today's news and yesterdays reality? It is enough to make you want to find a cliff and then "explore" the edge of it.