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Ledley King Insists That Tottenham Are Not "IN CRISIS!"

Captain them up, Ledders
Captain them up, Ledders


Not so fast, says Ledley King. The Spurs' skipper was quick to dismiss that the club are in any sort of crisis, no matter how much meme fun can come from such a statement and why would Tottenham be in crisis? It is not like the team has lost a 10-point lead on third place or is losing matches at home to newly-promoted teams. Wait a minute...

Hey, Ledley, you may want to reconsider. No? Alright then.

"We will have to look at a few things and have a few words and try to move on from there," King said. "I think that the earlier we kind of have a speak together about it, the better it will be. The only thing that needs to be said is that we need to stick together at this time, keep going until the end of the season and keep working hard for each other. There is not a crisis in any way.

"It's up to the senior lads to lift the spirits of the rest of the lads and keep them there. It has been a long season and there are some tired legs but we have to keep pushing. We have top players. We have lost to Norwich but we have another big game that we have to get up for."


Take it from the captain. He may not be the same player that he once was, but I trust his thinker thing, or at least his leadership skills, so long as it is not Christmas time ... I think.