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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 11, 2012


Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Hey, this could be worse, right? Instead of Harry, we could have had Bobby Patrino. Look at that, I just turned them frowns upside down.

And now the "news"

"Not A Crisis In Any Way" Says King- The Guardian

While I agree with Kevin's statements on the matter, lets be real, it is at least in some way a crisis.

Ryan Nelsen Says Ridiculous Things- TV 3 News

The choicest chestnut is about how he was brought in, especially for this game against Chelsea, because "he has played them during the last eight seasons." Just sit back and let that sink in.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Your Monthly Installment Of Andi Thomas Taking The FA To The Woodshed And Beating Them To Death With Logic- SB Nation Soccer

I went and made popcorn before I sat down to read this. I love these things that much.

MLS To Embrace Smart Turf- SB Nation Soccer

Allow me to tell you a story explaining why this is kind of dumb. About five years ago I was talking to a family friend, who in addition to the rather boring company he ran, also owned and ran a tech start up on the side, for fun, as CEO's like doing I guess. He was telling me about his newest product and it basically does a lot of the things smart turf does, only instead of needing to put a bunch of sensors in the ground he was using only a few cameras put at strategic and completely unobtrusive places in the stadium. His technology whatchamacallit would then take footage of the game and you could track play by play a multitude of stats, view plays from nearly any angle in game film session, and even make a composite video made to see what each player was seeing. He was marketing it to NFL franchises, who to the best of my knowledge told him to get bent. He may not have even finished developing it, but some form of it did exist. I find it hard to believe that if the NFL turned down essentially the same product, but presumably a much cheaper version of it. Why would anyone want a more expensive version ... oh wait, this is MLS.

Now since I provide no names in the above statement you would be justified in saying that I just pulled a Daily Mail, but I am the CFC Man of Mystery. If I start revealing details about myself then I am not very mysterious am I?


VIDEO: Maxi Rodriguez World Cup 2006 Wonder Goal- SB Nation Soccer

Just because he is AWESOME!