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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 13, 2012


Happy Friday the 13th, Spursland! Greetings from Camp Crystal Lake! Ok, not really, but I have stayed at the the real Camp Crystal Lake, and yes it is really god damn creepy. There was a creepy, not so attractive female counselor that seemed like the one to pick if you were looking to sneak away to have sex then get murdered, but that is about as close as I got to seeing Pamela Vorhees. Also, you should note that dispite what Tupac conspiracy theorists will lead you to believe, this day is not unlucky in any tangible way, and has only been considered unlucky in recent years.

And now the "news"

Spurs Monitoring Slocombe, May Make An Offer In The Summer -Sky Sports

I don't know much about this guy, but after a perusal of his twitter account I can tell you that he speaks in complete sentences and words, seems to be pretty normal, and may or may not have questionable taste in television. I know, I can always be relied on for hard hitting news.

Travel Advice Update For Fans Going To Wembley-

You can now use ether of the three tube stations near Wembley. Why there were restrictions in the first place I can imagine, but that seems to be a pretty unenforceable rule to make, doesn't it?

Academy Player Oliver Modest Discharged From Hospital- Goal

Never let it be said that I am not for people being discharged from hospitals. Vote for TheRoosevelts, he wants you to get out of the place with the shitty beds.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Damien Comolli Out At Liverpool- SB Nation Soccer

Damien Comolli gets a ton of bad press. That is probably because he is not exactly one to get the most bang for his buck (what's up, Charlie Adam) and he tends to depart clubs when they are not enjoying the best run (we all remember his last days at Spurs). But you can absolutely not say that players he brought in were always flops, or that many times we got much more than our money's worth, Modric, Bale and several others. I would advise Damien to head for the continent where the concept of a Director of Football/general manager role is not instantly assumed to be wasteful and the person holding the job, bumbling.

Sepp Blatter Explains The FIFA Rankings- SB Nation Soccer

I was unaware that Sepp Blatter used to run the Swiss Hockey Federation. You learn something new everyday.

Mario Ballotelli Is Staying At City AKA He Likes Money- SB Nation Soccer

An alternative title could be, Ryan Rosenblatt makes well thought out observations about a player who will never do anything in a well thought out way.

Nicolas Anelka Named Player Coach Of Chinese Club MAYBE- SB Nation Soccer

Having been educated in only the finest of elite north east liberal arts colleges, the kind where people send their kids until their trust finds mature or to get their MRS degree, I have had the privilege to learn about China under a highly respected former State Department official. You know, the kind that the Chinese put taps in every room he stays at in China. So because of this elitism I know that you can trust NOTHING coming out of China. Maybe, maaayyybbee if it comes from the semi official (read: least censored by the state, which isn't saying much) Xinhua news agency. So what I am trying to say is, nobody knows if this is really true and LOOK AT HOW WORLDY AND INFORMED I AM.