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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 16, 2012

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If I opened today wishing you a happy Monday, how much would you hate me? That's what I thought.

Yesterday sucked, it showed that we are to thin at so many positions, and that we are overrated at others. Here is a mental exercise for you, take away his speed and physical appearance then describe Kyle Walker, then describe the play of Alan Hutton. Pretty sure they line up rather well! Plays too far forward? check! Can't pass or cross? Check! Is constantly caught out of position and lacks the ability to defend? Check check check!

Here is another idea, think about the moments you most want to avoid going to get a beer. I bet any time we have a corner kick is not on that list. Could we be more toothless in that situation? Chelsea didn't even seem like they were remotely threatened by those situations. They showed no urgency in getting set for them, they knew what was coming.

Carlo Cudicini is not a bad goalkeeper, but Brad Friedel is in better position and he stops Drogba's, admittedly very good shot, and he is not so out of position to allow Lampard's free kick in. Editor's note: You are out of your mind, Iker Casillas does not stop either goal.

And guess what, NONE OF THIS SHIT MATTERS!!! You know why? Because yet another player had a heart attack and died on the pitch! Piermario Morosini died on Saturday. Our measly cup semifinal does not matter. That is three that my not so in touch with the world self has heard of in the last few months (Muamba and one case in the Indian League). This is outrageous! What are these teams doing? Does nobody check for heart defects in the big leagues? You can't read a single story during the transfer season without seeing the word "medical" 15 different places. Medicals are presumably a check on the players health to ensure that the purchasing team are not buying a lemon. Putting aside the obvious issue of making sure your fellow humans are safe, isn't it in team's best interest to make sure that the players they purchase and pay are not in a position to die?

And now the rubbish about the Juan Mata goal

Terry Admits The Referee Got It Wrong On Mata Goal-Sky Sports

We all know John Terry to be an honorable man, so it makes sense that he should have the guts and the courage to point out that this exceptionally bad call by the referee was wrong, after it proved to not matter it all. No word yet on if this bastion of decency will admit he also committed a foul on the play.

Referee Admits Mistake, Demands Video Technology To be Introduced-BBC

That was a nice bit of class by the referee. I truly think it is the mark of an intelligent person when they admit to being wrong. However standing in the position he was at the time of the non goal (maybe 15 feet away) and looking as he was, directly at the scrum in front of goal, if you can still not make and accurate call, then I doubt video replay will help your eyesight. Don't get me wrong, this play did not have any major outcome on the game, it is just so bad that it has to be pointed out, and is a great way to distract yourself from the assault our beloved team had committed on it yesterday.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Piermario Morosini Dies During Game, Questions Remain-SB Nation Soccer

Let us hope that the legacy of the events this year is better screenings and improved player safety.

Jozy Scored Again, Is It Time To Consider Him Good?-SB Nation Soccer

No not yet. I say this knowing it is only coming out of the bitterness of many. many USMNT games watching him look hapless at best.

Rafa Marquez Breaks Opponent's Collar Bone, Continues Quest To Go To Hell-SB Nation Soccer

I move that Marquez spend a month in a sky cell. Seems to be the reasonable response at this point