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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 18, 2012

I is Super man!
I is Super man!

Happy Humpday, Spursland! I have that feeling boys and girls. That feeling I get in my left big toe that usually signifies a snowstorm. But it is spring and the snows will not come, so I am forced to ponder what this signifies. I am forced to look at it as a sing of a great sea change. Just as it usually signifies a change from sun to snow, I believe that this particular tingling is a sign that this weekend QPR are going to get smashed. Time for the giants to awaken.

VDV Says EPL Is The World's Toughest- Sky Sports

Cue football nerds the world over screaming about Spain or Germany or wherever they play with all kinds of false (insert any position you have eve heard of) and hocky formations, but that is neither here nor there. What really tickles my pickle is when Rafa admits that it is hard to maintain fitness throughout the season. This is complete crap. Of course, as anyone who has seen more than three Spurs games since he arrived knows, he has never ever once been a leader when it comes to fitness.

Beckham And Bale Shortlisted For Great Britian Olympic Squad- Express

In related news, water is wet.

Bale's Agent Stroking Transfer Fires- Transfer Tavern

Look! It's a worthless article linking one of our big stars to a move away this summer! I guess the seasons have indeed changed and it is time for rubbish to pile up like the trash men are on strike.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

The Inaugural Inductees Into The US Soccer Jersey Hall Of Fame (And Shame)- SB Nation Soccer

I find this list to be completely dubious. Anything with a sash on it should not be called good.

Mario Balotelli Says His Role Modle If Carlos Tevez, Of Course- SB Nation Soccer

I mean, does this even surprise you? I am just left wondering what would happen if this guy didn't have such shitty parents? Maybe if he just had someone to hug him he wouldn't be such an idiot savant.

VIDEO: Mata Luiz And Torres Juggle A Tennis Ball- We Ain't Got No History

Yeah, suck on that Novak Djokovic!