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Leandro Damiao Moving To Europe This Summer: DO WANT, Obviously


Tottenham Hotspur need a center forward. Preferably, a young center forward who is versatile enough to play alone with his back to goal or with a strike partner, depending on what the situation calls for and how the manager wants to play. Brazilian international Leandro Damiao, who every Spurs site on planet earth has discussed ad nauseum, fits the bill. He's been linked to Spurs over and over. Daniel Levy wasn't willing to cough up big money for him. Then he went and started scoring more goals and now his price is higher.

Damiao's agent is now saying that his client will move from Internacional in the summer. He also claims that Tottenham and Paris Saint-Germain both made concrete offers for the player. If you're interested in watching Damiao, he's playing on Thursday night in Copa Libertadores and Inter need a draw to ensure progression to the next round of the competition.

That Spurs actually made a 'concrete offer' for Damiao in January is news to me. I'd obviously really really really like it if we finished in the top four and paid eleventy billion dollars for him. If you doubt that he can cut it in the Premier League and Champions League, you need to watch him more. Dude is the truth.