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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 19, 2012

Somebody turn off the wind machine!
Somebody turn off the wind machine!

Happy Thursday, Spursland! It is a strange, strange day when I am happy that Chelsea won, but I think I have a pretty good set of reasons to feel that way. First, I am happy any time an English team beats the top tier European team. In the last few years it was seemed that the league's reputation has declined significantly (Editor's note: Because it used to be vastly overrated and now it's more reasonable) and this helps make our beloved Spurs seem that much better to be doing so well (ahem) in such a tough league. Secondly, it makes it all the more likely that Chelsea will advance in the Champions League and have to play more in week games thus making their push for the top for down the stretch all the more difficult (Editor's note: If they advance there is only one additional match, on a Saturday, a week after the end of the season). Thanks Barca, you never let me down.

And now the "news"

Millwall Star Touts Kane As Star Of The Future- Sky Sports

No offense, guy from Millwall that I have never heard of, but our own Brian Mechanick took some time out of his busy schedule of getting drunk and vomiting on historical sites around Europe to do some Harry Kane scouting and he was not impressed. In other news, is Harry Kane incapable of looking normal in a picture?

Spurs Linked To Robben, No He Does Not Want To Come- The Sports Review

I just don't even know. I guess the internet is dark and full of terrors.

How To Respond To A Streaker In Drag- Rugby Edition

I'd like that man to be known as the John Wayne of rugby form now on please.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Review: "Bacelona, The Makng of The Greatest Team In The World"- SB Nation Soccer

As with all good things about Barca, and this sounds like an impressive thing, if not a god thing, you need to slog through a lot of fan boy slurping of them. But then again, I am not the target demo for this book as I am currently reading "Mockingjay" on my girlfriend's Kindle (Editor's note: The Hunger Games trilogy and the Kindle are two of the six best creations of the last nine years). I am a really manly sports fan you know?

Reading Secure Promotion To EPL- SB Nation Soccer

I have a confession to make: I was almost a Reading fan. They were very appealing to me the last stint they spent in the top flight. I was a young fan looking for a team, testing the English waters so to speak. They played a style I found not unappealing, they had an American in Bobby Convey doing step overs, which I liked, and best of all, their kit didn't have sash (Editor's note: On his birthday, we are going to get Roosevelts drunk and put a sash on him). So I am a little bit giddy to see them back next year. It's like seeing that first girlfriend from middle school years later and there is a certain sentimentality there. Reliving in you own mind your mistakes and triumphs, and appreciating it for what it was. Full disclosure I am pretty sure that my first "girlfriend" from middle school is now the "awkward" girl on this season of Tough Love. For reals.

Arteta Out For The Season- SB Nation Soccer

I hate it when a player on a rival team gets injured and I am happy about it. I don't like that the reason my team has a better chance to get the desired result is because of someone else's injury. It makes me feel like a real piece of shit, because if you are like me and you get these feelings, well, you are a piece of shit, just like me. Get well soon Mikel, but when you are well, please put in some sucky performances.