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Sell Me Maybe? Spurs Have Received Bids for Sandro

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An interesting, if a bit random piece of news coming out today from Spurs Lodge, where Tottenham chief executive Darren Eales admits the club have received offers for defensive midfielder Sandro. Eales admittance of the bids came in response to reports out of Italy which had linked AC Milan to Sandro bids. The chief executive reported that there have bids for Sandro, but none from AC Milan or Italy.

The logic of admitting bids for Sandro is questionable, but this news brings up a bigger question of Sandro's role with Tottenham Hotspur, and whether or not he should be a candidate to move this offseason. Injuries and Scott Parker's arrival have relegated Sandro to only 12 league starts this year, a significant disappointment for a player tipped to be a key player last summer.

Much of Sandro's role may depend on whether or not Tottenham qualify for Champion's League. There will not be enough space at the club for Luka Modric, Sandro, Scott Parker, Jake Livermore, and a presumed returning Tom Huddlestone. If Modric chooses to stay, then Tottenham would seem likely to offload a different midfielder both to create space in the squad and raise funds. However, if Tottenham do make Champions League, the fixture congestion would make Sandro all the more necessary.

Sandro's value is nowhere near its peak after the disappointment of this season. However, as a 1989-born player, Sandro looks primed to have a huge role with the Brazilian Olympic Team this summer as the Seleção push for their first ever Olympic Gold Medal. A huge performance could skyrocket Sandro's value into a level where it may make sense to sell the midfielder. Given that Spurs reportedly spent £10 million on Sandro, perhaps bids north of £17 million would have Tottenham think twice about the long-term future of the midfielder.