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Predicting The Run-Ins For Tottenham, Arsenal And Chelsea

The only hurdle/hiccup?
The only hurdle/hiccup?

We're going to do a simple exercise! Perhaps we'll spend some more time looking at this in depth later in the week/later in the season, but the premise and content of this post is simple: We're going to predict the outcome of the rest of Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Chelsea's games.

A look at Tottenham's schedule reveals a fairly easy run-in. Chelsea and Arsenal have some layups as well, but they appear to have it a little bit tougher. Spurs' toughest remaining fixture, by a mile, is their trip away to the Stadium of Light on Saturday. After that, they will be favored to win every single one of their games, most of them by multiple goals.

This opening was written without thinking about any potential results. After the jump, I'll go through all remaining games for the three teams, make picks, then count up the points and see what happens. I don't know what I'm getting into. Let's do it.


H Wigan - Win
A Fulham - Win
A Arsenal - Draw
H QPR - Win
H Newcastle - Win
A Liverpool - Draw
H Blackburn - Win

Points: 70


H Manchester City - Draw
A Wolves - Win
H Wigan - Win
H Chelsea- Draw
A Stoke - Draw
H Norwich - Win
H WBA - Win

Points: 73

Tottenham Hotspur

A Sunderland - Draw
H Norwich - Win
A QPR - Draw
H Blackburn - Win
A Bolton - Win
A Aston Villa - Win
H Fulham - Win

Points: 75

Do I think Tottenham are actually two points better than Arsenal or five points better than Chelsea right now? No, not really. Obviously, injuries will change a lot. It will change a lot if Arsenal can get all three points off City, or if anyone can grab a win in the Arsenal-Chelsea fixture. But I really don't see any of the three teams losing again, and Tottenham have the easiest run-in by some distance. I don't think I was being unfair to anyone with the picks above.

Thoughts? We could lose a game we're not supposed to, but as we've seen from Chelsea and Arsenal this year, they're just as capable of doing the same. If we just do what we're supposed to do and Arsenal don't win out, we should take third place.