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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 20, 2012

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Do all Tottenham players make wierd faces when they run now?
Do all Tottenham players make wierd faces when they run now?

Happy Friday, Spursland! It is QPR time this weekend, time to push toward the finish line. We have a good chance at fourth and an outside shot at third, all that is left is the execution. Some great coach, I can't remember who, said to me once that the easiest part of achieving anything is doing it. The hard part is deciding, really deciding, that you were just going to do it. It is time for the boys to decide where they are going to be at the end of the season.

To dare is to do.

And now the "news"

Caulker Wants To Be The Next Kyle Walker- Sky Sports

Please god, anything but that. I know, I know, Kyle is young and still developing, but all season he has proven to be a track star wearing shin guards. He has been, to tell the truth, a bit of a disappointment to what we had hoped to get. He is still good, and could be very good, but I hope for bigger and better things from my boy Stevie C. I know he means that he wants to use this loan spell as a springboard to force his way into the lineup, but I just don't want him to ever look at Kyle Walker, as he is now, as a role model. if he does, expect to see Caulker getting caught way too far up field and continually turned inside out by good forwards all season.

Harry Would Be A Perfect Fit for England Says FA's Phil Gartside- The Guardian

Oh, I wish you two would just F%&# and get it over with.

The Telegraph Now Reports Barca And Bale Flirting- Telegraph

I do not wish you two would just F%&# and get it over with. In fact, I'd like everyone to stay as virginal as possible in this little metaphor.

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If Allowed MLS Will Use Goal-Line Technology- SB Nation Soccer

MLS always has to be so trendy. What with talk about the smart pitch, and Darth Vader like referees are in the works as well (I have no proof of this except personal experience watching MLS refereeing, tell me those aren't evil robots, I dare you).

Hamisk Signs Napoli Extension, Crushes Spoiled Fan's Dreams- We Ain't Got No History

Yeah I said it, what you gonna do about it Chelsea? You, with your multi-billionare owner that some allege made much of his money having gangsters kill his business opponents... I should probably just shut up.

VIDEO: Ashley Young Is A Diving Diver, Animated Edition- 7500 To Hotle

In all its South East Asian animated news glory.