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Kyle Walker Wins PFA Young Player Of The Year, According To Teammate

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Apparently, the PFA Awards have been decided, people know and aren't supposed to talk about it yet. Tottenham Hotspur winger Andros Townsend did not get this memo, because he tweeted out that Kyle Walker has won the PFA Young Player of the Year award.

This is being echoed all across the twitter machine and it's not April 1st or Day Of The Innocents, so I'm going to assume that this is a legit thing. It's also being echoed all across the twitter machine that Robin van Persie is the PFA Player of the Year.

I find it hilarious that a right back who can't defend or cross at an average Premier League level has won this award. Congratulations to Kyle Walker for bringing his unique brand of track and field skills to the football pitch and convincing his fellow players that this makes him the best young footballer in the country.