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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 23, 2012

I think this says it all
I think this says it all

Today was supposed to be a great day, a fun day, a day of joy. I had every intention today of regaling you with witty comments on the news of the team and the greater soccer world as well as recapping the craziness that is attending a middle school dance. There was every reason to believe that today would be that kind of happy fun, mixing it up with dick jokes day when I last posted on Friday, but that won't be happening today.

A lot has been written in the aftermath of Saturday about the game, from several points of view. Might I suggest this, somewhat rosier, if at times pie in the sky analysis of the teams long term future, but I have something to say specifically to the players.

Have you no pride? Not pride in the shirt, that is not what I mean, and any intelligent adult knows that these days that kind of loyalty does not exist and it is foolish for us as fans to expect it. I'm talking pride in yourselves. How anyone who played on Saturday, aside from the subs who are both players who almost never get on the field, could have any pride in the day at the office they put in? It was embarrassing, not for me as a fan, the point where I am somewhere beyond embarrassed happened about a week and a half ago. But for the players, the guys out there with the camera on them, these elite athletes, where is the pride? Where is that alpha male, take charge, I gonna whip your ass before you can even sniff whipping mine attitude that wins championships? Where was that deep felt need to not allow an opponent so unqualified to beat you, to make a fool of you. We can say all we want about Harry's impending departure and how it has negatively affected the squad's performance, but there is a time when it becomes necessary for those who want to be known as winners, for those who want to be known as the best to step up and delivery no matter what, more so against inferior competitors.

The goal of this team for the season was Champion's League football. It was a good goal, a goal that would be difficult to obtain as all worthy goals are. Reaching the Champion's League again is the necessary next step for the growth of the club and blah, blah, etc., you all know the deal by now. But if you think that the players from yesterday can compete both domestically and abroad in the toughest club competition in the world next year after they displayed a complete lack of heart, desire, balls whatever you want to call it then you are kidding yourself.

Winners want the ball, but more so, winners do what needs doing when the ball comes to them. They do not flail limply at the target only to say, "oh well, we have more time to make up lost ground."

Winners win, and we did more than just lose, we quit.

And now the depression and buck passing

King Has Been Playing Hurt Says Harry- Sky Sports

Sometimes I just don't even know.

We Need Four Wins Says Harry -BBC

Hmm, it seems like just last week it was 5 wins, he probably just means that every game is a must win, but it sure seems like he is just moving the goal posts on us, and the team. Harry, why must you make me hate you so much?

Harry Admits Drogba Interest, Reveals How He Gets His Behind The Scenes Info- Sky Sports

Harry admitting he is interested in Drogba is not at all shocking, what is (or isn't really) surprising is that Harry thinks that Drogba is off to China based off of something he READ IN A NEWSPAPER! I know Harry is old school, but getting any information other than maybe a nice quality op-ed out of a paper newspaper is so out of date it astounds me. Harry is the second, if not the most important person in a company worth hundreds of millions of pounds. In this day of instant news and turn on a dime jockeying for position the fact that eh gets his information from the dirt sheets of newspapers is baffling.

Oh Look, The Modric Saga Has Begun Again- Sky Sports

That sound you are hearing is a certain Russian billionaire opening his cheque book and uncapping his fountain pen.

I Had No Options, Says Harry- Sky Sports

A rash of injuries to be fair, but the headman also said that he has only seen one bad performance lately and that was against Norwich. This begs the question, what has Harry been watching while Spurs have been playing?

Rafa Won't Leave- Sky Sports

Hey, thanks man!

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Just Your Average Goalkeeper Goal- SB Nation Soccer

At least we have proof that all the joy is not gone from the world.

VIDEO :Genoa Ultras Stop Match, Demand Players Strip Of Their Shirts- SB Nation Soccer

Genoa just became my new favorite team in Italy.

VIDEO: Peter Nowak Rushes Field, Gets Ejected- SB Nation Soccer

So I guess this is a sign that Harry does still have a bit further he can fall down the rabbit hole of awfulness.

Van Persie And Walker Win Player Of The Year Honors- SB Nation Soccer

As undeserving of the honor of Young Player of the Year as Kyle Walker is, that is how deserving of Player of the Year Van Persie is. Now we must endure Walker being even more overhyped for minimum the next three years.

VIDEO: Chance Meyers Scores What Appears To Be The Most Intentional Own Goal Ever- SB Nation Soccer


VIDEO: Borussia Dortmund Celebrate Bundisliga Title With In Locker Room Pool Party- SB Nation Soccer

This has been by far the coolest team of the fucking season, you know why? Because they HAVE FUN WHILE PLAYING. Remember this game is fun and not to be played like it is a goddamn chore!

Now if you need me you can find me sitting on the floor of my shower sobbing as I hug my knees to my chest and rock back and forth trying to convince myself that it will all be ok.