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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 24, 2012

Gareth Bale continues to make funny face while he runs
Gareth Bale continues to make funny face while he runs

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! A commenter yesterday advised that it would be a smart way avoid becoming so angry that one spasms and breaks things so that you should just avoid reading quotes by Harry "F It I Am Outta Here" Redknapp. This seemed rather simplistic to me at first, but as I pondered this for the better part of that afternoon I was reminded that most strokes of genius are usually rather simple things. So today we bring you, a day without Harry. Enjoy

Newcastle And Spurs Rumored To Battle For Dutch Winger- Sky Sports

25 appearances this year and 5 goals while playing what wikipedia describes as a second striker. These are not numbers that, If I were Dan Levy, would inspire me to open my wallet. (Editor's note: He plays as a winger, not a second striker and is really, really good. He's regularly compared to Robben, and while he is young and needs to mature some, it's not a ridiculous comparison.)

Robbie Savage Really Needs Spurs To Overtake Newcastle, Needs To Make Smarter Bets- Newcastle Mad

So the former Derby man bet a cabbie that Newcastle wouldn't finish top for wagering a new cab or 10K. No wor yet on what he wins if Spurs prevail.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: I Kick Ball Hard, It Go In Net From Far Away- SB Nation Soccer

I think the title says it all.

VIDEO: Tribeca/NYFEST Soccer Day With Jimmy Conrad And Ndamukong Suh- SB Nation Soccer

I have waited years for an opportunity to say this: "Why hasn't there been some sort of highlights packages of his been set to the music of Run Around Sue, or better yet someone change to words of the song from "Run Around Sue" to Ndamukong Suh." I have been sitting on that since the 2010 NFL Draft. It feels really good to get that off my chest.

Goodbye, Woverhampton Rovers, Good Luck In The Championship- Coming Home Newcastle

Featuring the most depressing, heart wrenching fan photo ever.