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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 38: Make It Hurt Dem

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Wheeler Dealer Radio back at you with a fresh podcast today. We've got Mechanick in the hosting chair as Kevin continues his role as SB Nation maven of all sports. Ashlock is out with a case of law school finals, but we've got our English lad Ed Francis dropping some knowledge on us and Nick Petrill giving us his gravely gravitas.

A bit of a downer, as we're forced to look through the disaster which was the loss to QPR. Plenty of evaluation of tactics, performances, managing, and a thorough analysis of just how good Kyle Walker is. We get in a look around the league, and talk how Chelsea just might make this race for fourth null. After that we're on to some news, as we talk Harry to England yet again, possible replacements, and more. A healthy mailbag this week, as we get on to some yelllow card bans, relegation candidates, and Europa League. We finish up with a lot of Blackburn talk, analyzing this critical match and trying to figure out just who Tottenham should play in this crucial match. Enjoy!

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