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Gareth Bale Will Reconsider His Spurs Future If Top Four Isn't Achieved

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Well Happy Freaking Saturday Spursland: Gareth Bale is unsure of his future at Spurs.

The left-sided winger dropped the hint that he's already started to consider the possibility of leaving the club in an interview with BBC's Football Focus today, when asked where he saw his future considering the current state of affairs in the Premier League. His response? "If we don't [qualify for the Champions League], I have to discuss what's best for myself." Bale justified this statement with the usual platitudes, claiming: "I had a taste last season and thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone wants to test themselves against the best players in world."

If come the end of the season we've not progressed into a better, more challenging European tournament than the Europa League, then to be quite honest I can fully understand Bale's desire to move on. It's not like this development was in any way unexpected- Bale's mercurial talent doesn't really seem to fit in with a club who's management has over the past two years displayed only a very limited level of ambition, most prominently in it's transfer policy. I guess we all held on to that glimmer of hope that Bale was different to the Nasris of this world, and that his gratitude to Harry Redknapp for putting faith in him and helping him achieve his breakout in the Premier League might have given him some attachment to the shirt, but nope. He's got hopes and dreams beyond what Spurs are currently on course to achieve. He might be Welsh Jesus on the pitch, but in real life it turns out he's just a normal guy like the rest of us.

All I can say is good luck to you Gareth.