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Champions League Watch: And With That Tottenham Has A Chance To Make Good

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Well folks, with a single day of games, Tottenham's Champions League outlook went from potentially dire to advantageous. First, and more importantly, Newcastle United managed to get completely blown out in the easiest game of their remaining four game stretch, losing to Wigan Athletic 4-0. Victor Moses scored the first two goals en route to a rout. Papa Cisse hit the woodwork twice in the second half, and Wigan nearly scored a fifth time as time expired. Overall, the match was a tactical exhibition for Roberto Martinez, who showed once again how important he has been in keeping Wigan above the relegation line for years.

In related news, Arsenal dropped points today at Britannia, drawing with Stoke after two early goals from Peter Crouch and Robin Van Persie. While Arsenal fans at the stadium cheered loudly when the Wigan scoreline was read to the stadium, Arsenal did nothing to capitalize, and rather than secure a Champions League spot, ended up making their final two matches against West Bromwich Albion and Norwich City that much more important.

So what does this all mean for Spurs? Many things. With Arsenal's draw, the club now sits at 66 points out of 36 with 2 games left. Tottenham are 7 points back with 2 games in hand, meaning that Arsenal winning out would secure them third place. However, if Arsenal drops points again, third place is open again.

On the Newcastle front, this game meant a lot. With Newcastle dropping all three points against Wigan, they now go into their final three games against 3 of the Top 7 teams in the league. Two of them are away matches and the toughest of them all is a home match. Tottenham sit three points back of Newcastle with one game in hand, meaning if Tottenham win tomorrow then Tottenham and Newcastle will be tied on points. As a result, the more important part of this Wigan result is that it sinks Newcastle's goal differential to +7, compared to Tottenham's +18. As a result, any points tie between the two will likely result in Tottenham finishing about Newcastle at this point.

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