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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 29, 2012

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What do you mean Roy Hodgson?
What do you mean Roy Hodgson?

Happy Monday, Spursland! Hey, remember that time we all, myself included, said Kyle Walker was overrated and not good at soccer? You remember that time, yesterday morning? And then Kyle Walker defender number one, Edward Francis, was all like "I was right". WELL I STILL THINK YOU ARE WRONG! (Editor's Note: TheRoosevelts likes to say this while he's kicking puppies) I still think that he can't defend at all and I am not ready to knight him based on one goal that left me awestruck and several dazzling runs against a side that is relegation fodder. Nobody said he was worthless, just not amazing. Oh yeah, and something happened that is sure to leave Harry curled up, sitting on the floor of the shower, hugging his knees and crying for hours.

And now the "news"

Harry Confident Of Bale Stay, Unsure Of Luka- Sky Sports

I know, I'm a downer. Sue me...please don't actually sue me. I have no money and way too much going on in my life to handle anything like that right now, and it won't even be satisfying taking all 17 of my dollars. (Editor's Note: It would be pretty satisfying)

Stevie P Would Like To Stay Where He Is, Thanks- Telegraph

And who could blame him for wanting to stay in a place where he gets to play, and play in a way that maximizes his abilities? Well, I would blame him, but I a, a miserable cold hearted Ebenezer Scrooge like bastard. (He's just a ray of sunshine today, isn't he?)

The Guardian Says Obvious Thing About Harry- The Guardian

It is amazing how much The FA can screw up. Be it referee decisions, racism, not knowing how to bribe correctly or blah, blah, etc. In this case, they have screwed things up on multiple levels. One, they didn't want to screw up Tottenham's season, well they did. Two, they wanted Harry Redknapp, now they can't or won't be able to select him now that sacking rumblings, admittedly from the most extreme of reactionaries, are beginning to be heard. This may be the Inception of FA screw jobs.

What's going on around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Marco Pappa Scores Olimpico- SB Nation Soccer

I refuse to believe that this is a real thing.

Shinji Kagawa Rejects Dortmund Extension- SB Nation Soccer

Well look who is a flirting with us from across the room. Could this refusal of a contract extension be the figurative sidelong glance that precedes the coupling? (Editor's Note: Yes, it is, but for Kagawa and United, who have booked a room at the swankiest of hotels)

Presenting The World's First (But Not Really) 3-D Soccer Jersey- SB Nation Soccer

Dear France, I, on behalf of America, would like to know if all this trolling over the years is just your passive aggressive way of getting us back for manipulating your over-mighty head minister circa, lets say 1776, into bankrupting your astonishingly rich kingdom, financing our revolution and, in return, us kind of telling you to eff off afterwards? If so, I understand If not, please go away. Kaythanxbye.