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Peer Into Your Crystal Ball: How Much Will Tottenham Spend This Summer?

Hey girl...
Hey girl...

Tottenham Hotspur's transfer spending policies seem like kind of a mystery. There was a period of a couple years where we spent like madmen and seemingly did this without accumulating boatloads of debt. Now, we're keeping spending in check, probably so we can build a new stadium without incurring ridiculous amounts of debt at stupid interest rates.

I'm feeling pretty confident about a top four finish. If we beat Sunderland this weekend and Arsenal drop points against Manchester City, we're obvious favorites for third with our remaining schedule looking so easy. To those of you who want me to shut up and stop jinxing us: No, you shut up, and also, you cant make me, nanananana.

Let's assume that Tottenham finish in third place, and therefore are guaranteed a place in the Champions League group stages, while Luka Modric is given a pay raise and does not ask to leave. What will be Spurs' net transfer spend in the summer?

I envision a lively discussion.