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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 5, 2012

It's all looking up broskis!
It's all looking up broskis!

Greetings, Spursland! Today's Hoddle Of Coffee is brought to you by the return of Positive Roosevelts. And why shouldn't it be? Lennon and Ade are back so we no longer have to play with people out of position, the defense is doing a better job of holding up considering the very patchwork nature of it and my pale Irish skin has managed to stay un-sunburned for this long despite spring having most assuredly sprung.

And now the "news"

Harry Hails Homegrown Bosses- Sky Sports

I, personally, do not think that being homegrown is important. The larger point to take from these quotes is that club chairmen need to, and should, give managers more time to develop teams and make changes before they are fired four games into a season.

Chelsea Have No Chance Of Moving FA Cup Kick Off Time- The Guardian

Sweet justice and reason wins out against very sensationalist and somewhat childish arguments. That said, I really do admire the balls it took for Chelsea to make the ridiculous claims they made in order to try and get even a few more hours of rest time for their players. That's playing the game as hard as it can be played, and that's what champions do.

Time To Vote For Player Of The Season-

Go vote, but voting is for members only. For those disenfranchised by this, sound off in the comments section.

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Transfer Rumors: The Case For Shinji Kagawa- The Busby Babe

Hmm, maybe if we sell Luka this summer we can go grab this lil' fella for ourselves. He seems to be good and buying tiny midfielders with no upper body mass has worked for us once before.

Animated: Miss Of The Season- We Ain't Got No History


Mario Gomez Signs Contract Extension- Bavarian Football Works

And I cross yet another name off of my replace Adebayor list.