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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 6, 2012

Be glad I didn't take your spot bro.
Be glad I didn't take your spot bro.

Happy Friday, Spursland! Pop quiz: Which is taking longer to get to the resolution, the Republican primary season or this week? The answer is that they are both taking insufferably to long and we should all collectively punch out on them both and go play some kickball. WHO IS WITH ME?

Gareth Bale Turned Down Man U For Spurs- The Busby Babe

This might be the luckiest decision for everyone involved that isn't inherently evil. Spurs get the best left winger on the planet, arguably. And as noted in the article, Bale wouldn't have gotten nearly any playing time, let alone playing time in the attacking half of the pitch, at United.

Season Ticket Renewal Announcement From The Club-

No wonder Spurs have no money to spend on wages. As a former NFL season ticket holder I can tell you that jacking the price up by only a quid and a half per game is not nearly enough gouging of the fan base to really be profitable.

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Cult Heros: The Scottish Cafu- Alan Hutton- Roker Report

Everything that you never needed to know and/or never wanted to be reminded of about Alan Hutton.

Terry Will Play Through Cracked Ribs- We Ain't Got No History

I have said a rather large amount of negative things about John Terry, primarily because he is an asshole. But I cannot help but admire a player who will play through such an injury, which is maybe the most painful injury you can possibly play through in football. Yeah, every breath is agony for him and he is going to run and sprint around against world class opposition for 90+ minutes. Crab fishermen are probably feeling a bit poofish hearing about this.

Owen Coyle GIve A Fabrice Muamba Update- Lion Of Vienna Suite

At this rate, Fabrice will be scoring the game winner in the season's last game. Good lord this guy improves quickly.