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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 9, 2012

"I am taking my talents over there."
"I am taking my talents over there."

Happy Spursday, Spursland! Dear, Spurs, lets try that playing football thing again, but less infuriating. Is that cool? Okay, love you, miss you, bye.

Mancini Lays Out Adebayor's Summer Future- Sky Sports

Adebayor will not be at City next season. Mancini is refreshingly clear that he doesn't have the room for him. What the article doesn't say is the truth that Adebayor will not be here next year, at least not on a permanent transfer.

Harry Sees No Reason To Panic- Football 365

Harry Redknapp has a problem. I think that we can safely say now, with only circumstantial evidence, that it is a fact, that Harry Redknapp has punched out. He has senioritis, so to speak. Our fall from the grace, from a massive lead and a lock on third place, has been well documented here and in other publications, so we can skip talking about it in detail. But the skid started right around the time that Fabio Capello rolled out of town and it became an assumed fact that Harry was getting his dream job with England.

It isn't all Harry's fault and teams will, from time to time, have rough, or even very rough patches. But perhaps, I think it is not to much to ask that when you blow such a massive, seemingly insurmountable lead and after yet another disappointing result to just admit the obvious and say "YES, OF COURSE WE ARE CONCERNED BY THE RUN OF PLAY, THIS IS A DISASTER THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED"! We get that you are laid back, Harry. Believe me, we all get it (FRAAB), but there is a time when anyone who actually gives a s#@* is uptight. And that these times, and right about now is defiantly one of them, could you respect us enough to not put on the happy face? Put the lipstick on the pig and/or wrap up a pile of dog crap in a silk bag.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

VIDEO: Xherdan Shaqiri Has A Case Of The Awesomes- SB Nation Soccer

This is how I know that I am starting to move from the realm of random football fan who has been blessed with an outlet for dozens upon dozens of people to read my rambling thoughts to true footy nerd. When I watch this goal the first thing I thought of was not, "what a great finish" but "where the hell is the guy supposed to be marking him or the guy next to him"?

Launch Of Univision Deportes Could Make MLS Viewing More Difficult- SB Nation Soccer

Dumb business move by MLS, but this is not exactly new from MLS.

The Mirror Makes The Daily Mail Look Good- Lion Of Vienna Suite

Read about the "report" at Lion Of Vienna Suite. I would advise you to never ever go to The Mirror's website or buy the paper ever again for this steaming pile of crap.