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Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Norwich City, Preview: Manchester City Are Good For Nothing

Spurs are boring and that's weird.
Spurs are boring and that's weird.

Seriously, Manchester City, what is the point of your existence? You spend infinity, do stupid things, write them off as insignificant, win matches while stomping on Scott Parker's head, then when you're actually needed you prove to be completely useless. Could you have bothered to show up and play a match yesterday? Of course not. You can't be bothered to do anything remotely useful. Go spend some more money, fire your manager, hire another, expand your stadium and keep telling the rest of us that you matter. You don't. You're just another wannabe, only you do it on obscene money and resources that other clubs can only dream of. You'll be back in the Europa League next year, just like you were this year, you pathetic twats.

That is this weekend summed up. That is all of it.

Tottenham play again today, now two points back of third place Arsenal because, well, refer to the first paragraph. Norwich will be at White Hart Lane and there really isn't much to say about the match. Really, there hasn't been much to say for a while.

Here is what we know about Spurs: They are in a battle for third place with the possibility of falling out of the top four still a very real one and while the run in is incredibly easy, Spurs are still Spurs and they are not playing well.

Read that sentence again. Could we have said that a month ago? Yes. Could we have said it three weeks ago? Yup. How about two weeks ago? You betcha. Last week? Still true. Nothing is changing with Tottenham. They might get third, they might get fourth and fifth or sixth is still a possibility, but their standing now, where they might finish and the quality of their play isn't changing. It is all rather boring.

So as Spurs get ready to play Norwich, there isn't much to say. Jonny Howson and Grant Holt are both fine players, but Tottenham are still better than the Canaries and the match is at the Lane. None of that means much, though. This is Spurs that we're talking about here. Also, City can still go and (edited for language).