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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 1, 2012

"This may be too many sour Skittles at one time."
"This may be too many sour Skittles at one time."

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! What a game it wasn't yesterday as Manchester City did us a rather large favor in our race toward the Champions League. Newcastle now face a final two games of the season against Chelsea and a motivated City side. Meanwhile overhere in North Kingslanding so to speak (if you don't understand what that means you dislike good TV), we face Bolton, Villa, and Fulham. Arsenal face those feisty little scrappers from Norwich and WBA. This is as good of a situation as an underdog can get. Lets do this.

Token Johnny Two Saints Is Defiantly Leaving Story- Sky Sports

It has been four years and 17 appearances for Gio. I understand that for my fellow Americans, who see him routinely demolish North American teams for Mexico, it is easy to believe that he can hang at this level, but he can't. There is a reason that he has been linked with moves out of England since the moment he started unpacking his bags in London.

England Managerial Speculation May Have Been A Distraction, Says Harry- The Guardian

God damn it, Harry! I was just starting to feel bad for you, dude. Your dream job, you entire professional life spent in a quest for this position, and they tell you (and by "they" I mean anyone who ever existed) that you are "The Guy," but then they offer it to a some other schmuck. I mean despite my recent fury at Harry's job performance he is someone that I cannot help but have a soft spot in my heart for him. He is just a lovable personable guy who is not afraid to tell you exactly what he thinks, an all too rare quality these days. He has good qualities, and yes a lot of flaws, but that is why we liked him in the first place. We want to see someone who admits to being human get the top job. And despite what the England speculation has done to the team, I genuinely want him to get it and do well.

Now that Roy boy seems to be the guy about to get the job you can feel the disappointment in the air. Its like he is Luke and Vader just told him that big secret right now (NO SPOILERS). But then you read the quote in the first paragraph of this article and all those feelings of humanity go out the window and are replaced with the rage that has been bubbling under the surface recently. What the hell does he mean he doesn't know exactly if the speculation about the England job has affected things? He says flat out that pretty much everyone around him is telling him it has been. Harry, could you please not be so very, very Harry?

Harry To Chelsea- Daily Star

Oh dear lord the world is melting around me.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

PAPER MAN: Roy Hodgson Is The Inevitable Outcome Of Unimaginative Recruiting- SB Nation Soccer

Anytime someone takes The FA out to the woodshed to beat them over the head with a 2x4, I like it. I like this very much.

Podolski To Join Arsenal In The Summer- The Short Fuse

Arsenal sign an overrated striker/winger guy? Cool, whatevs, bro. This won't help their team all that much. They didn't overpay or underpay. Everything about this move is just average.

Would You Like To See The Worst Local Car Commercial Ever?- Coming Home Newcastle

Everything about this sucks, most of all the fact that it is two minutes and 40 seconds long. It is truly a tour de suck.