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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 39: Do the Woyvolution

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An upbeat podcast coming at you this week, as Tottenham Hotspur decided to pick up their form this week and drop a 2-0 win on Blackburn Rovers. Kevin's back in the hosting chair, as Ed and Mechanick chime in with their analyses. Plenty of talk on that game this week, as we break down what went right for Tottenham (and what went terribly wrong for Blackburn). A lot of tactics talk, a thorough analysis of Danny Rose, and some serious Kyle Walker redemption.

After that we're on to the Mailbag, where we get started off with an analysis of the Championship playoff race. Praising for Chris Hughton and Ian Holloway, with long balls, long balls, and more long balls from Sam Allardyce. After that, we address the news of Roy Hodgson taking the England job. A ton of analysis of why it happened and if it was the right decision. After that we keep going with the England National Team, discussing the squad and just what Roy's appointment means for Tottenham Hotspur.

We finish up previewing tomorrow's Bolton Wanderers match. We look at Bolton's threats, weaknesses, and just who the hell Harry Redknapp should put out there. All in all a great show with a good vibe, so thanks for listening!

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