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What's The Deal With The Hoddle Of Coffee?

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The yadda yadda yadda
The yadda yadda yadda

Happy Friday Spursland! Or should I say helloooooo. Let's hope that this weekend does not end up like another notable ending. Oh and everyone wondering what to do with the CFC next season? Well I got you covered.

And now the "news"

The Race For Third Brings Back Reminders Of Lasagna-Gate-Telegraph

Might I suggest that when we carbo-load this time we choose a marble rye?

Livermore Looks For Big Time Performance-Sky Sports

Jake has developed a lot this season, and he is now very much a George Costanza (Can't Stand Ya) level guy now (disregard age). He is great to have around but he isn't really why you buy the ticket. But maybe, just maybe this is gonna be one of those times when the workhorse steps his game up.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

I For One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords-The Short Fuse

It turns out that there is no video clip from Seinfeld available on-line that references video replay in sports. This is actually the first and only topic I have found this to be the case for as the show covers in depth literally every other facet of modern (and in many cases ancient) life. This was the best I could do.

Chelsea Do Not Intend To Make CPO Proposal In 2012-We Ain't Got No History

Boy Chelsea certainly are dancing around making a decision. Especially for team with literally all of the money in the world. Like they have all of the money

Breaking Down The European Scenarios For Newcastle-Coming Home Newcastle

You guys know what Spurs are going to say to Newcastle this weekend, oh you know.

Oh yeah, just cause, you know why not. Oh yeah this one too.

Have a nice weekend and thanks for playing!