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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 14, 2012

The magic hair
The magic hair

Happy Monday, Spursland! Last weekend was perhaps the most exciting season end in my memory. Relegation fights, last minute come backs and a Sunday morning that had more drama then an Aaron Sorkin teleplay. I have to say that despite my ranting, screaming, crying, gloating, etc., etc., this was probably the most fun season I have had as a Spurs supporter. We achieved our pre season goal, sort of, and it was fun and emotional to watch. That is all I ask for, and I cannot complain.

And now the "news"

Harry Is "Absolutely Delighted" With 4th- Sky Sports

Why can't you do anything right Harry? Satisfied, not upset, adequate, these are things that can be used to describe how you feel about our season in terms of results. Nobody should be delighted we fell from too great a height to be delighted. We must now recognize that Harry is just trolling us at this point. He must be just slapping his knee after every quote he gives these days.

Scott "The Silken Locks War Horse" Parker Faces Injection To Be Fit For Euros- BBC

I'd almost rather Scott not make the Euros. I am sure that our English readers disagree, but I am an American and don't really have a rooting interest in this other than knowing that Parker is over 30, pushing an injury to play in a tournament during his usual rest months. Having him fully fit and well rested next season is just more important to me than risking him injuring it further playing for England.

Dear Oil Soaked Rich Kids, Let Danny Levy Save You Some TIme- The Guardian

The Guardian used a different title, but I think mine says it better. Dan Levy is out early this year letting all those preppy douches like Chelsea and PSG know that you can't have our stars.

What's happening around SB Nation Including the goal that ruined the season for Sir Alex (probably)

VIDEO: Sergio Aguerro Steals The Title For City- SB Nation Soccer

I didn't get to see this live, however the channel I was watching showed me live in real time Sir Alex 's reaction as he learned that City scored. His reaction can only be described as his facial expression melted. It was amazing.

PHOTO: City Fans Celebrate Their Victory- SB Nation Soccer

This is an exact picture (with a slight tweak of the color scheme) of what I want.

Kevin Davies Signs New Contract, Might Not Understand Relegation- Lion Of Vienna Suite

Kevin Davies is one loyal son of a bitch. He is an out-and-out EPL level talent. He is underrated and constantly overlooked because he doesn't play especially fancy. Is this just a way to secure his current club a fatter transfer fee this summer when he joins another team? Wouldn't be the most shocking thing, but maybe just maybe this is the last loyal footballer out there.