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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 15, 2012


Happy Tuesday, Spursland! Welcome to the off season my lovelies. All your old palls are coming back like "rubbish transfer rumors", "obviously planted by an agent transfer rumors" and "Luka Modric is leaving" stories. Ah yes,summer is truly upon us. Welcome to the silly season, boys and girls.

And now the "news"

Harry Is Sweating Ade Return- Sky Sports

It is interesting to note that Harry doesn't even mention the possibility of the team flat-out buying him. He even goes far enough to say that another loan would be difficult. This by itself shows me that perhaps Harry Redknapp is at least somewhat plugged in to what is happing in the world besides the comings and goings of early to mid-30's English players.

Bassong Seeks Clarity Over Future- Goal

Need clarity over you future you say? Allow me to enlighten you: YOU DON"T HAVE ANY FUTURE. Pack your stuff and get out!

Remy Rumored To Be Coming To London For Transfer Talks- The Guardian

Um, #weneedastriker?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

The Inevitable Joey Barton Post- SB Nation Soccer

Dickhead does dick thing #news.

Paul Scholes To Return For 20th EPL Season- SB Nation Soccer

Paul Scholes always kind of looked like an alien and I think we now have our confirmation that he is not human. Truly mind blowing.

Ding Dong McLeish Is Gone- 7500 To Hotle

And justice was served, and it was good.