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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 41: We Are Die Bayern [Fixed!]

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A super-big podcast coming at you today, as the original trio of Kevin, Mechanick, and Ashlock come at you to wrap up the last game of Tottenham Hotspur's season. We start off breaking down the Fulham match, then look around that everything happened on the craziest day in Premiership history. We break down expectations, what Tottenham achieved and where they came short. After that we're on to some end of the season Spurs awards, where we hand out the MVP, Biggest Surprise/Most Improved, Loaned-Out POY, and the ignominious LVP.

From there we are off to a massive mailbag, where we talk about happiness, poaching players, Battleships, loans, and much much more. To cap it all off we do a massive preview of the Champions League Final, where we break down all facets of the Bayern Munich-Chelsea match-up. We look at suspensions, injuries, strengths, weaknesses, and form, and hopefully by the end of it everyone should be tactically ready to wow your mates for the final. We end on some predictions for this match that means so much for Tottenham's future.

All in all a really fun pod, and thanks to everyone who made it through the entire thing. We'll be back next week to break down the Champions League final and start previewing the Silly Season, so thanks for listening.

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