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Mark Zuckerberg For Spurs, A Campaign

It's not you, It's your boss
It's not you, It's your boss

Manchester City, Chelsea, Malaga, Paris Saint-Germain, every club in Russia -- all clubs that are owned by ludicrously wealthy men who made their money in oil and use the teams they own as the latest facet of the rich dude dick measuring contest (Don't think that is a serious thing? Look up Roman Abromovich and his yachts). Meanwhile, Spurs, owned by our own less benevolent billionaire Joe Lewis, seems to be left in the dust. Be this by choice, Wikipedia and Forbes list his estimated net worth at $3.8 billion, and while I have seen other sources rate it at $2 billion. Regardless, Mr. Lewis' insistence that the club operate at a net profit (despite it being rather low when taken as a percentage of the club's overall value) has prevented the club from reaching the heights of the rest of Europe's oil soaked upstarts.

All the while, Man City's owners, with an estimated net worth of $20 billion are making it rain on levels not seen since Floyd Mayweather last got his PPV check spending right around $1.4 billion to build their last second title winners. They have exploded the transfers and wage markets, making is possible for players who are perhaps only the 10th or 12th best player at their position in the league -- not the world, but the league -- making £80 a week.

While the team's current wage structure has kept Spurs competitive, it has developed into a glass ceiling preventing the team from building into the juggernaut it could be. At present it has continued to perform well despite the holes in the lineup being filed by creative means, the Emmanuel Adebayor loan for example, but this will not hold. If not this summer or the next, Gareth Bale and Luka Modric will be gone if nothing changes. Kyle Walker will probably only be a season after that, too. After that, it is back down to the mid table. This is reality.

But what if something did change? What if we had a new owner? A man who has money to burn and a tendency to eviscerate his rivals. A man who the Washington Post called "A Man Of His Time". A man that, as of yet, has no declared dog in the fight. A man whose fortune is based in the next generation of wealth generating businesses, not the old world that is the oil industry. That way when oil goes by the wayside we will still be cruising around with a top level squad. The oil money won't last forever, the worldwide Hubbert Peak has likely already passed, which means there is less oil to sell and at the rate these modern day tycoons are spending, they will be back in the poor house inside of 20 years.

We must get Mark "The Company I Started In My Dorm Room Is About To Have A $100 Billion IPO" Zuckerberg to buy the team. And it is time for us in this community to make it happen.

I have developed a step-by-step process to get this to happen. I believe that with proper execution and with the support of the commentariat and Spurs fans the world over we can make it happen.

Step 1: Make Zuckerberg a Spurs Fan

Step 2: He realizes he has more money that god and buys they team at the demand of the people

Step 3: Suck it City

To achieve this we must gain the attention of the King Of Social Media in a positive, open, and fun way. And that is where you come in, Commentariat. Join the staff here in writing letters, emails, spread the word on Spurs message boards, tell everyone you know. And do it while being the creative positive fun people you are.

Seriously, put a note on your door for the mailman because come hell or high water we are making this happen.

If you happen to live near Zuckerberg in Palo Alto, California (I will not print his home address here) maybe stand outside his window holding a boom box playing the latest episode of Wheeler Dealer Radio over your head. If you have a spare moment, and your office provides you with free stamps, write a nice note to Mark about why he should support Spurs and send it to Facebook headquarters addressed to him.

Most importantly, get involved. Let's see if we, as fans and supporters of the greatest club in the world, can trade in one disappointing billionare intent on buying a chain of pubs for someone with more vision (and more money), who might see it within himself to buy Lionel Messi one week, you know, just because.

You can contact Mr. Zuckerberg and get involved in the following:

1. Write him a letter at 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, California 94025

2. Tweet him @finkd on Twitter using the hashtag #Zuckerberg4Spurs

3. Message him on Facebook. This will probably be more well received and you can do that at his page

But let us not be limited to these options. If you know that Zuckerberg likes a band, and that band also like Spurs, tweet the band to contact Zuckerberg. In fact, get as many Spurs supporting celebrities into the effort as well. Contact John Cena and get after Adele.

We are limited only by our creativity and by our level of effort.

Spread the word and let's get ourselves an owner who w can be proud of ... then let's tattoo a Spurs jersey on Luka Modric's torso while we unload a trash truck full of cash into his living room.