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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 2, 2012

They be twistin' my words
They be twistin' my words

Happy Spursday, Spursland! Quick confession: I had fallen off in my Wheeler Dealer Radio listening the past few episodes. Yes, I am ashamed of this, but I managed to catch the latest edition of the show and it was amazing, beautiful music to my ears. A few observations for those who both have and have yet to listen because I just can't help myself:

1. Edward Francis should have been the pick for the England job. Think about it, he has passion and common sense, which all you really need.

2. Mechanick has done that thing people who spend a semester abroad in college do where they pick up local colloquialisms way too quick for it to be legit and then use them while talking to people from the homeland as if to say, "look at how worldly I am".

3. Skipjack should come up with the questions for this fall's presidential debates. His question led to really entertaining discussions and fostered some really deep debate. It was like Lincoln vs. Douglas, but about football and not slavery. I'd like to seem him moderate the debates; Brian Williams gets plenty of TV time already. It;s time for Ol' SJ to get a shot.

Give it a listen as you warm up before today's match!

And now the "news"

Harry Called Hodgson To Wish Him Well- Sky Sports

That is the mark of a class act and a gentleman. Bravo, Harry.

Muamba Will Return To Watch Today's Game- The Guardian

This man is not human. Nobody dies for over an hour then gets this well this fast! Either he is some kind of super human, was literally touched by an angel (not the least likely thing, really) or doctors have perfected a drug cocktail that is the equivalent of drinking out of the holly grail Last Crusade style. I'd like to know what doctors have been prescribing him. I am going to start mainlining that ish into my aorta three times a day then I'll be all "see you when I am in the Olympics bitches!"

Danny Rose Hits Out At Harry Redknapp But Not Really- Express

Oh, English media making up your fantastical titles. An alternative title could have been "Danny Rose Makes Completely Reasonable, Respectful Observation".

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

MLS Power Rankings Week 8- SB Nation Soccer

For those of you who don't know, the power rankings are done each week in a musical theme. One band or artist is selected and his/her/ their musical stylings are used to describe the different tiers of play in the league. This week the committee chose Bruce Springsteen then they committed the deadly sin of not using Thunder Road once. For shame.

Sexism In MLS's Official Media Rears Its Ugly Head Again- The Goat Parade

Alicia Ratteree points out the very sensible truth that MLS has had and continues to have a major problem with sexism in its official media. And while we could write off most of her examples of sexism as well-intentioned fratboyism, not unlike things that we used to post here in the comments section (cough, Alison Brie, cough), it points to the fact that MLS is not behaving as if it is a big time sports league. You don't see this crap coming from people who represent the NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB without reprimand and apologies.

For similar examples of this kind of crap holding back up-and-coming leagues from becoming mainstream I point you to the UFC and anything Dana White has ever said. For details of this I highly recommend Bloody Elbow and their extensive archives. It is easy to write off Simon Borg's comments as something that wouldn't be uncommon for any man to say just as it wouldn't be out of line for any women to say something similar about men. Everyone is entitled to their own belief as to what is disirable, but It just isn't ok to say these things while you are speaking for a company.

Dynamo Announce That They Have Sold 12,000 Season Tickets For New Ground- SB Nation Soccer

Yes, that is more than half the stadium. Yes, this news has caused me to reach a new level of bitter over DC United still being in RFK Stadium.