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Bolton Wanderers Vs. Tottenham Hotspur Preview: Same Old, Same Old, Win

Dance, Luka, dance
Dance, Luka, dance

You may have noticed that there was no preview for the Blackburn match (okay, none of you noticed) and look what happened! Tottenham won! It was basically a miracle since Spurs wins was apparently not a thing that happened anymore, but it really happened and if I can do math (I might be able to do math) then one plus one equals two, or there not being a preview made Tottenham win. Unfortunately, there is a preview this time, which means that you can aim all of your bows and arrows this way if Spurs do not win today.

So here we are. Sure, Spurs won a match (SPURS WON A MATCH!), but they are still just even with Newcastle and Chelsea are only a point back. In short, a win just staved off suicide, it did not settle anything. Tottenham still need wins and they are still Spurs so playing bottom half teams will give them no real advantage.

The problem with playing teams near the bottom at this point in the season is that they are in a relegation fight and teams get really annoying and better than they should be when they are facing the drop. That is the case with today's opponent, Bolton Wanderers, who are currently in 18th place, but even on points with QPR so if they can manage a point, they will move out of the relegation zone. Basically, they have a lot on the line. God damnit, they have a lot on the line.

Fortunately for Spurs, they have been very good against Bolton. They have won all five against Bolton at White Hart Lane since Owen Coyle took over. Unfortunately for Spurs, they have not been particularly good against them at Reebok Stadium, where they drew in the FA Cup and lost last season, 4-2. So what do we make of this? No idea. What can we ever make of Spurs?

Three things we do not know is the status of Aaron Lennon, Scott Parker and Louis Saha. All three are injury doubts, meaning that Sandro, who played brilliantly against Blackburn, may get another chance and Jake Livermore may get a chance as well. Outside of that, it looks like the XI that played on Sunday will likely play again against Bolton.

Parker and Lennon's possible absence could mean the return of the dreaded Christmas tree formation, which means no Gareth Bale on the left. This time, though, it would be tough to blame Harry Redknapp. Who else can he go with? The only other option is Rafael van der Vaart on the right and two strikers, which is dangerous with possibly only two strikers available to play, and van der Vaart on the right has its own problems.

Of course, Spurs still remain largely in control of their own destiny. Win out and you can just about guarantee a Champions League place. Theoretically, Newcastle could pass them even if Spurs win out, but in reality, they are not making a 13 goal difference. That means win out and Spurs are fine, not that 'Arry is all giddy or anything.

"You never know. You just have to keep going. That's all we can do," Redknapp told SpursTV. "We've two tough away games this week and then a tough home game against Fulham to finish with. That's three hard games.

"Bolton away is always tough."

No they're not. That's why they have lost 10 at home this season, aka, Spurs better win.