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Spurs' Tight-Belt Transfer Window: Have Your Say

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OK, so we're not going to be playing in the Champions League next season. This, as the users of this site are all so acutely aware, will not be a fantastic asset to our attempts in the coming months to purchase stars players as we look to recruit and regroup for the next season- the loss of money and prestige that slipping to the Europa League brings will mean that this window looks set more to be a tight-belt transfer window than a free-spending free for all. Obviously, we don't know the specifics of Spurs finances, and Daniel Levy may have a secret war chest, or failing that a couple of extra back-of-the-couch tenners, that he's finally ready to front for Redknapp. But let's assume, and I think it's a fair assumption to make, that that's not happening.

The upside to all this is that, as with last year, we get to be creative with our speculation and wish-listing when it comes to players. It's fair to say Spurs aren't likely to nail down Hazard and Leandro Damiao in their current situation- yet we knew the same thing last year, and I for one had a lot of fun putting together my fantasy wishlist of left-field, high-value, coup transfers that the club could achievably make, including Lassana Diarra, Sebastien Frey and Joey Barton (I didn't say that I was very good at it).

After the disappointment of Saturday night it would be nice to have something to push on with and get us thinking ahead to the next season rather than looking back at what might have been. So I'm laying out an open invitation to this board- give me your fantasy wishlist for what could be another tight-belt transfer window. We know there are steals out there, and rosterbation is always fun. Who are the meaty pork scratchings amongst the congealed lumps of batter? Who's the next loan star/post relegation-zone star? Think inside the box of the £10-15m we'll probably end up spending in the whole window, and remember, no matter anyone else thinks, you are NOT a wheeler-dealer...