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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links May 21, 2012

Happy Monday Spursland!

Yeah, I think that covers it.

And now the "news"

Spurs Eye Seagulls' Youngster-Sky Sports

If we can get him on the cheap, then why not? Our back line is super thin, and besides, all of our stars are about to leave so we are going to need to restock from the bargain bin.

Diarra Looking To Hook Up With Harry Again-El Centro Campista

Sure, whatever, but where does he play? Perhaps the doubles stuffed wingers idea is going to the center midfield.

Berbatov-Dear Mr Levy

This is the shortest and yet most near and dear to my heart post from Dear Mr. Levy in some time. I am a sucker for a late 90's pro wrestling reference.

Roy Took Harry's Advice On Defoe-Sky Sports

So they didn't hire Harry, and yet Harry is still kind of running the team. I feel like we should have somehow seen this coming. How about the FA just makes the two joint managers, then Harry can walk off into the sunset in style.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

WPS Permanently "Suspends" Operations-SB Nation Soccer

Honestly who didn't see this coming? The writing has been on the wall forever. While the USWNT has been able to draw big crowds and get solid TV ratings for a long time, any other women's tam has failed to stir ratings, or ticket sales. Which is really unfortunate. I never tuned in to a game until the very end of the league's last season and I found the level of play to be remarkably good, truly entertaining. Unrelated to that I find this new trend of people "suspending" things rather than ending them to be bullshit. We all know you dropped out of the race Herman Cain it isn't like you are going to start campaigning again.

The Reign Of Bayern Munich-SB Nation Soccer

A look into what could be the future of Europe, and a glimpse of how clubs really should be run. it is really inspiring what Bayern has done.

Hertha Berlin Appeal Relegation After Insane Ending To Final Game Of The Season-SB Nation Soccer

I am split on this issue. On one hand yes the Fortuna supporters invaded the pitch and everything went totally lawless for a time. But it was with one minute left in added time, and when play resumed more than one minute of added time was played. Isn't that as close as you are going to get to a fair restart? And besides, flares are the coolest.

VIDEO: Nike's New Soccer Commercial Is As Awesome As You Would Expect-SB Nation Soccer

Points off for LeBron.

Hearts Fan Burns Ticket While Attempting To "Spruce It Up"-SB Nation Soccer

Hey do you guys remember that time when Kevin McCauley pissed off like all of Scotland in his preview of Hearts playing Spurs? And then they all came on the site and screamed about how dumb Kevin was in the comments? You newer readers may not know what I am talking about but it totally happened. I bet this guy with the heavy handed Ironing technique was one of them, and that Kevin is somewhere cackling with laughter right now.

Merritt Paulson Beats Adrian Hanauer At Twitter-SB Nation Soccer

That is my kind of owner. And I say that as a guy who once while drunk and on heavy cold meds offered to sell my friend and game companion to DC United Owner Will Chang. But not in a slave way, more of in a drunk and thinking about cab fare way.

Toronto Is The Worst Team In The World Says Danny Koevermans-SB Nation Soccer.

It sucks but it is true. On the bright side I am now a fan of this dude for life, just because he clearly cares. I like someone who takes pride in their team, and in their work.