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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 22, 2012

"Kneel and worship me plebes"
"Kneel and worship me plebes"

Happy Tuesday, Spursland! My friends, my companions, noble citizens of Spursland, I must express my desire that you all have faith in our time of uncertainty. Trust in Dan Levy who has always steered us right. Despite all of the uncertainty about that Welsh guy or Ellen Degeneres, trust that Levy will get top dollar if they leave, or at least more than enough to replace them or maybe even buy a youngster who will turn out better. Trust in the man, boys and girls, because right now we have no reason not to, and trust is all we got.

And now the "news"

Spurs Eye Up Asamoah- Sky Sports

Hat tip to the commenter who posted this in the comments yesterday. I like the player, but I fail to see where he fits into the lineup.

Sandra Burke Vows To Steer Clear Of Footballers After Defoe Split- Metro

No word as yet on if Jamie O'Harra has come circling. Yeah, I went there. Boy is it a slow news day.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Union Fans Call For Strike, Compare Nowak To Napoleon- SB Nation Soccer

If this works it will be the fist time, at least in my memory, that an MLS team has been subjected to the kinds of strong-arm tactics used by supporters groups in Italy and Eastern Europe use routinely. And while it can be good for fans to have some level of influence over the actions of the club, it is because at many clubs the supporters groups are so powerful that they chase away causal fans and level the team even more beholden to the supporters for financial survival. Take a look at a visual from the home grounds of any of the teams with notoriously "active" supporters groups, Many times you will see that outside of the supporter's section there is next to nobody in the crowd.

Should Roberto Di Matteo Be Named Permanent Chelsea Manager?- SB Nation Soccer

While the smart play is perhaps bringing in a more proven gaffer and maybe rewarding Di Matteo with a hefty cash bonus, I tend to disagree. While there are many ways to say that Di Matteo is not nearly as qualified as others around him, on paper, I give you the selection of the commanding General of the Continental Army during the American Civil War.

George Washington was not even close to the most qualified person to lead the Revolutionaries. Generals Charles Lee, Thomas Gage and maybe even Benedict Arnold all had vastly superior resumes in comparison to Washington, who up until this time was only the guy who started the French and Indian Wars by leading a scouting party into a massacre of a fire fight somewhere near modern day Pittsburg. And while he was not necessarily the most qualified man for the job on paper, it cannot be argued that he did not achieve the stated goal. Much like DI Matteo, who achieved what so many Chelsea managers have been unable to do -- bring home the Champion's League.

A Salut eTo Drogba- We Ain't Got No History

A beautiful send off to the greatest player in the club's history. I cannot think of a player who has gone out better, at the peak of his career and on his own terms. As much heartbreak as this guy has caused us all over the years, I (no bullshit) call on all fans of the game to stand and salute him. One of the best ever.