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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 23, 2012

Look at al that cool stuff on the SB Nation family of blogs!
Look at al that cool stuff on the SB Nation family of blogs!

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Some of you newer readers may not have noticed this yet, and I suppose it is possible that some of the long time citizens of the Commentariat might have missed it too, but Cartilage Free Captain is just one excellent blog in a MASSIVE family of blogs that cover everything. You would be hard pressed to find a pro or college team in the US that does not have a specific blog dedicated to it. We have a blog that is dedicated to just providing MMA coverage just for women. We got it all covered round these parts, and a lot of these sites do amazing work for one of the best examples to date, just click the jump button. You guys are all excellent members of this site and it would be a shame for you to not branch out into other things you like on the SB Nation network ... just remember where your bread is buttered. Right here.

And now the "news"

Levy Is In Amsterdam To Conclude Vertonghen Talks- Sky Sports

Look at me boy Dan Levy, out there making moves, making it happen, getting aggressive in the transfer market. And for those of you who didn't have faith in him, you know who you are. You didn't keep the faith, and I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Redknapp And Levy To End Feud And Work Together To Keep Stars At Home- The Guardian

I never really viewed Harry and Danny Boy as feuding. I always looked at it like Levy was the babysitter and Harry was the horrible misbehaving kid who ultimately has good intentions but tends to ruin things a lot. Harry runs off and tries to do something and Levy comes along and shouts "No you may not" and calls the kid out using his full name "Harry James Redknapp, you put down that middle aged English striker right this instant!"

Gio's Villarreal Transfer Undone By Relegation- Goal

At what point is Gio just going to give it up and start waiting tables? You can make pretty good money at the Cheesecake Factory.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Relegation Simulation: Rewriting College Football History-SB Nation NCAA Football

READ THIS!!!!! SB Nation takes college football, aligns all Division 1 football into five "leagues" and simulated where every team would end up if relegation was implemented in 2005 and breaks it down year by year. This is huge in size, and it is completely fucking awesome. I'd make sure you have some time on your hands when you start because you won't look away from the screen until you're done.

Despondent Bastian Schweinsteiger Must Respond- SB Nation Soccer

Read this one too. Like you need to, seriously. Schweinsteiger may be the last of the players who values being with the club he came up with. That last of the Xavi's, the Cal Ripken's, and for that I will always be a fan.

The Special One Resigns With Madrid- SB Nation Soccer

I think we all saw this coming. Real and Jose are like that dysfunctional couple that break up and then get back together all the time and are constantly fighting but still love each other. It just works.

Psychic Disc To Predict Euro Outcome- SB Nation Soccer

Because why the hell not? Copper disk, octopus, same basic thing.