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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 42: The Player Hater's Ball

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Coming at you in a full-on audial assault, Wheeler Dealer Radio is back again. Kevin is off on a magical vacation, so we got Mechanick in the hosting chair with Ashlock and Ed Francis dropping some analysis bombs. We start off by talking about the game everyone is despondent over, Chelsea's Champions League victory over Bayern Munich. We break down why this result went down and what it means to Chelsea going forward. We head on to Tottenham Hotspur, trying to figure out the impact of no Champions League next year. We break down the latest news in the Tottenham transfer market, and preview the future for Luka Modric and Gareth Bale.

After that, we're on to a massive mailbag. We talk Daniel Levy, possible replacements, and strikers off the bat. We harken back to the old European Cup, think about selling high on some players and figure out the rivalry hierarchy of Tottenham. Replacements come up, both on the squad and which historical figure would be an upgrade of Harry Redknapp. We can't forget to get on to sandwiches, back-up leagues, American tours and figuring out the English media.

We wrap up by previewing Tottenham Hotspur players' involvement in the upcoming European Championships. Who has the most to gain, and who can break-out? All in all it was an awesome show, and we tried to keep it upbeat in light of such a depressing weekend. Hope you enjoy!

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