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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 24, 2012

Defoe goes for the superkick!!!!1
Defoe goes for the superkick!!!!1

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Still no word on a certain little Dutch boy that we have all been dreaming about. And while some other clubs have already begun to make moves, let us not get anxious and impatient, OH LOOK A DISTRACTION.

Niko Thinking About Eastern Move- Sky Sports

While it would pain me to lose such a high quality player, I cannot help but hope that this happens for a guy who, by not very much fault of his own, was relegated to the bench. Niko deserves to play and he deserves to be happy with his career. He did the back up thing for Bale for a few years now and we thank him for it.

UEFA May Change Champions League Qualifying Rules, Not Nearly Soon Enough- The Guardian

The only way that this could be more of a stereotypical football governing body thing would be if there were an added level of racism and/or corruption. You suck.

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Adoracute Players Kids :Dawwwwwww- SB Nation Soccer

My new dream is to be subbed off in a game, have my son go on as the sub and then to have an opposing defender defend him by tugging his shirt. That's called respecting the lil'man.

Joey Barton Receives 12 Match Ban- SB Nation Soccer

Serves you right you giant wiener-face. I'm going to start using that in a professional setting. "Hey kids, do your homework or I will tell your parents that you are a wiener-face." I think it's going to catch on.

ESPN Announces Announcers And Analysts For Euro- SB Nation Soccer

No, we did not get rid of Taylor Twellmen. I am just as upset as you. The only way I can cure this general uneasiness that has come over me is moving to a 4-4-2, you know, because if one striker misses my bad feelings there is always another one right there to take care of it! (The previous sentence was perhaps the most inside thing I have ever written, so if you don't get it, don't sweat it)

Ronaldinho's Brother Is Ari Gold- SB Nation Soccer

It isn't uncommon for Brazilian clubs to not have the money to pay their players. Romario was said to often have paid his teammates out of his own pocket and Ronaldinho's brother's response to this alleged deadbeatery is just amazing.