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Stunning Revelations: Gio Would Like A Change

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Guess what, guys? Our old buddy Johnny Two Saints isn't too happy about his perpetual state of limbo. Sometimes Tottenham Hotspur player and all the time Mexican international Giovani Dos Santos hasn't been used ever since he arrived at White Hart Lane, and he's finally wondering what in the world he has to do to either play some games or get sold.

Gio is said to be 'seeking talks with Daniel Levy', which seems like it should be unnecessary, but the one and only Mr. Levy would hold out for a £10m bid for Gio and never tell the player what his plans are. If Dos Santos was on a team run by any other chairman, I'd just assume that he was going to be sold for whatever the team could get for him this summer. Of course, that's not Levy's M.O..

Dos Santos is trying to be diplomatic about all of this, and I commend him for not just saying "get me the f--- out of here".

"I don't know about my future," he told the Daily Mirror. "I want to concentrate on the national team, but after that I will speak to the chairman to see what is going to happen to me. You never know in football. You have to try to do your best to get chances. Maybe I will go, maybe I will stay."

If we're not going to play him, can we please sell him so I can finally watch him be awesome and fun somewhere?