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Schalke Eying Rafael Van Der Vaart And Spurs Might Be Smart To Sell

Bye bye Rafa?
Bye bye Rafa?

Hate Rafael van der Vaart and his sometimes lollygagging, sometimes hot headed, never 90 minutes antics? Lucky for you, Tottenham Hotspur might be getting rid of him.

If a report from Bild is to be believed, Schalke are plotting a swoop for van der Vaart. Here's the crazy part -- it's believable. The idea of van der Vaart playing with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is delicious and with the Champions League looming next season, Schalke have both the money and motivation to make a major move. A move for van der Vaart would qualify as major and put the German club in position to complete in the Champions League.

For Spurs, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to see van der Vaart leave. While the hate that van der Vaart from Tottenham supporters is often unreasonable, it is not as if he is the world's greatest players. He is good, very good in fact and someone who undoubtedly makes Spurs better. But van der Vaart not irreplaceable, and at 29 year old there is only so much longer that Spurs can fetch much of a fee for the Dutchman.

If Tottenham do sell van der Vaart, they have to move quickly on a replacement and there are no indications as to who that replacement could be, or is there? Remember that absurd Ola Toivonen rumor that came from the Mail? If Daniel Levy turns that rumor into reality, they could get younger, cheaper and possibly even better by putting Toivonen in van der Vaart's place while Rafa flees to Germany. £10 million from Schalke for Rafa and £7 million for Toivonen sounds like a good deal.

Uh oh, things are making sense. Rafa out, Toivonen in? Make it so.